“I know Mark to be organized, responsible, and trustworthy. His knowledge of wine is unparalleled; at the same time, his even-tempered personality and experience in teaching wine service give him the ability to explain his findings in such a way that even the most inexperienced layman can appreciate and understand the results.”

“Certified Specialist of Wine Mark C. Roberts isn’t some nose-in-the-air snob; he’s a passionate guy who communicates with the flair of a really good teacher. You’ll come away with useful ideas you can remember—not for some test, but for the only lab that counts: your kitchen.”

“Your presentation was remarkably informative and interesting. I feel I can hold a conversation about wine and order it with confidence. My clients had a great time, and I will recommend you to anyone that wants a fascinating speaker.”

“I want to thank Wine Service Consulting for a fantastic staff seminar and tasting conducted at Culpepper Steak House. We have had wine distributor representatives present tastings and classes over the years, but none have gotten across the message to our servers that you did. The tasting went great, and finally, someone kept the interest of our staff for the duration of the program. The wine service is definitely looking good.”

“Thank you for the excellent Wine Flavor Chemistry Seminar you presented to the Southwest Chapter of Society of Cosmetic Chemists. Having been the first time we had embarked on such a different type of seminar, it was critical to get some of the elements of interest to focus on the cosmetic industry, and “congratulations” you certainly did. I would to take this opportunity to personally thank you for this special project truly well done, and credit goes to Wine Service Consulting for a level of service and professionalism that exceeded our expectations.”

“The staff is extremely knowledgeable about wine and exceeded my expectations in the class. You did an excellent job explaining the various wines and spoke to all levels of wine drinkers. I look forward to working with Wine Service Consulting again in the future.”